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US, Russia, China top 2023 military power rankings

The US, Russia, and China stand first among the top 10 militaries in the world, according to Global Firepower’s 2023 military power rankings. 

The evaluation is based on a broad range of factors, including quantity and variety of weapons, natural resources, industrial capacity, workforce, financial stability, logistics, and geographical considerations. A total of 60 different indicators were used to calculate the score. For the 2023 Global Firepower Index, 145 nations were evaluated.

The United States led the ranking of countries with the highest military spending in 2022, with 877 billion USD dedicated to the military. To maintain its leading position, the US must excel in key material, financial, and resource categories. The US also leads globally in technological advancements, excelling in the medical, aerospace, and computer/telecom sectors. The US owns 13,300 aircraft and its military currently numbers 1,832,000 personnel.

Russia is second in military spending at 864 billion USD. Russia’s military numbers 1,330,900 personnel. Russia has advanced technology, a well-trained military force, and strategic global influence.

China stands third with military spending of 292 billion USD. China has 3,135,000 soldiers, 3,166 aircraft, and 4,950 tanks.

The other countries on the top ten list are India, the UK, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, France, and Italy./.

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